Cruisin’ USA 2

More Info:
Quantity: 2
Seats: 1
Size: Height: 7′ Width: 3′ Depth: 4′
Space Needed: 6′x6′
Power Required: 20 amps
Branding: No

Like in most racing games, players race down one-way courses consisting of streets vaguely based on real-life locations. While racing, they do their best to avoid various road hazards such as oncoming traffic and construction. Players chose between seven different cars to race with. As in most racing games, the car can simulate either an automatic or manual transmission. Automatic increases the speed of gear shifts, while players using the manual transmission must switch during races.

Players who reach first place move on to the next track, like in most racing games. Unlike most racing games, there is the option to change the music by pressing the music button. Cruis’n USA’s car handling is also very twitchy when compared to other N64 racing games. Whenever you finish the game, you unlock either a new vehicle or a new color.